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December 2012

Idled City Airports Are Finding a Second Life as Housing

Christine Negroni, The New York Times

December 27, 2012

DENVER — When excavators digging on the land that was formerly Denver’s Stapleton Airport unearthed an old Cessna, J. W. Duff, the 86-year-old owner of the J. W. Duff Aircraft Company was not surprised. “Lots of planes” were disposed of by burial when the airport was still in operation, Mr. Duff said. Finding something unexpected is just one of the many challenges of turning idled airports into something else.

Stapleton’s journey from in-town airport to one of the city’s newest planned residential communities began more than a decade ago when it was replaced by Denver International Airport, which was built 12 miles out of town in the middle of a vast prairie with no residential neighbors to be bothered by its noise. Repurposing a large civilian airfield like Stapleton had not been done before in the United States. Read more…