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Community Hospital East Anchor Institution Strategy

Project Details

Only an 11-minute drive from downtown, Community Hospital East (CHE) is closer to the heart of the city than many other anchor institutions in Marion County. Despite serving patients all across the Midwest, CHE is fundamentally a neighborhood hospital. Built in the midst of the baby boom in what was a suburban context, CHE is now a stabilizing force on Indianapolis’ Eastside.

Greenstreet initially was engaged in 2012 to assist CHE in a framework plan to understand and leverage their impact on Indianapolis. This included an Economic Impact Analysis and Community Benefit Report completed in partnership with Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research and Global Health Institute. In 2015, Community Health Network announced on the East campus a new $175 million bed tower and ER, and a new $120 million Indiana Neuro-Diagnostic Institute.

With this significant announcement, there was a similar priority for a reinvestment strategy in the neighborhoods around the hospital. Greenstreet was re-engaged to facilitate the Emerson Anchor Coalition, a partnership of CHE and Scecina Memorial High School. The Emerson Anchor Coalition’s new initiatives include a neighborhood and housing strategy; a job shadowing program for Scecina students to gain exposure and experience in the health and life science fields; new investment in neighborhood infrastructure; and better coordination of safety and security practices through the East Redevelopment Committee, which is comprised of other important stakeholders on the greater Eastside of Indianapolis. CHE is leveraging new partners to find shared value solutions which benefit the hospital and neighborhood.