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Downtown Multi-Modal Transit Center

Project Details

The Indianapolis Regional Center is the traditional downtown for Indianapolis as well as a center of activity for the Central Indiana region.  At 6.5 square miles, the Regional Center is the focal point of city and state government as well as regional services including health care, higher education and entertainment.   As a destination and distribution center of people and ideas, downtown is an economic, transportation, communications and technology hub for the region.

In partnership with EDEN Collaborative, Greenstreet analyzed the Indianapolis Regional Center and its potential for development around multiple modes of transit.  Nearly 50 potential transit nodes were modeled and analyzed to understand the interrelationships of real estate market strength and transit-supportive characteristics such as infrastructure, proximity to employment destinations and population density.

The resulting composite was a simple representation of a complex model; a ‘heat map’ that provided a primary input into the location decision for a multi-modal transit center.  After evaluating several potential sites, the EDEN/Greenstreet team recommended a site adjacent to the Indianapolis City County Building and the $17 million project, which is funded principally by a Federal earmark, is moving ahead.  Further, the analysis, which contributes to scoring for Federal transit funding, is a guide to routing of future regional transit corridors into and through the downtown to optimize connectivity.