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Hidden Springs

Project Details

Hidden Springs, a master planned community of 850 homes and a vibrant village center, rests on 1,756 acres in the Dry Creek Valley 20 minutes north of downtown Boise, Idaho.  Conceived as a model for more sustainable edge development in the West, Hidden Springs was built around the site of a 145 year-old farmstead, integrating the rural character of the area with an environmentally responsible land plan and smart, green homes.  In the semi-arid high desert, an innovative wastewater system utilizes reclaimed water for irrigation on the extensive open space.

More than 1,000 acres of open space give expansive views of the foothills and allow for a walk or bicycle ride with miles of trails and paths within the community and connections to regional trails.  Homes emphasize resource efficiency, four-sided architecture and authentic design, with variation in size and price to foster a diverse community.  Amenities include a charter school, preschool, fire station, library, community barn, pools and clubhouse, a mercantile, café, bed and breakfast, a community-supported organic farm and a local heritage museum, on the National Register of Historic Places.  Events, which are organized by the residents and have become central to the community’s culture, include special interest groups and clubs, an annual harvest festival that brings in thousands with proceeds donated to charity, a summer concert series on the village green, holiday parade, hikes and trail rides, and wildlife viewing excursions.

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Grossman Company Properties, Jeff Kingsbury was responsible for pricing strategy and lot sales, recruiting and managing a builder team, a start-up brokerage firm to sell the community, overall marketing strategy and communications, and community-building programs, governance and design review processes as an officer of the HOA.  In addition, as new urbanism was still unfamiliar to the local market, a production home building operation was launched to set the standard for design and quality.


Platinum Award for Smart Growth, National Association of Home Builders