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High Plains Village at Centerra

Project Details

Located in Northern Colorado, Centerra is a 3,000-acre master planned community of 5,000 homes, as well as 10 million square feet of retail, office and light industrial uses. In addition, the community features 275 acres of protected open space, lakes and wetlands. The project employs many green development principles and technologies and serves as a model for creating a sustainable community, including the critical jobs-housing balance.

A non-profit entity, the High Plains Environmental Center was established by the developers to act as a stewardship organization to oversee the preservation of the living and learning laboratory of open space and natural areas within the community. Education and outreach programs connect the residents, commercial tenants and visitors with each other and the unique high plains environment the developers have strived to protect and enhance. An innovative transfer fee program, from both commercial and residential development, provides a perpetual source of funding for the HPEC and its programs.

McStain Neighborhoods was the residential master developer and completed 519 condominiums, townhomes and single-family homes. As a principal, Jeff Kingsbury’s role was in product development, sales and marketing strategy for McStain’s investment, as well as working with the master developer to advance the sustainability agenda and benchmarks for the entire master planned community.


Neighborhood of the Year, Home Builders Association of Metro Denver