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Pearls of Estidama Green Rating System

Project Details

Estidama, which means ‘sustainability’ in Arabic, is the initiative to transform Abu Dhabi into a model of sustainable urbanization. Its aim is to create more sustainable communities, cities and global enterprises and to balance the four pillars of Estidama: environmental, economic, cultural and social.

The Estidama Pearl Rating System (PRS) assesses sustainability performance of communities, buildings and villas. It is the Arab World’s first sustainability rating system and is specifically tailored to the hot climate and arid environment of Abu Dhabi. The PRS has been designed to support sustainable development from design to construction to operational accountability and provides guidance and requirements to rate a project’s potential performance in relation to the four pillars of Estidama. In addition to the Pearl Rating System documents, there are a number of supporting tools that project teams must also use to satisfy the requirements of the system including calculators, scorecards, submittal templates and user guides.

As a subcontractor with UrbanGreen, Greenstreet assisted in the development of the New Communities Design Guide, specifically adressing Livable Communities, Equitable Development and Sustainability Awareness. Greenstreet drafted a background section, as well as sections on strategies, processes, design considerations, references, resources, and submittal requirements.