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TOD Strategic Plan: Central Corridors

Project Details

As part of the Indy Connect Initiative, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning organization (MPO) is evaluating four rapid transit corridors: the Red, Blue, Purple and Green Lines. In support of that process, the MPO commissioned the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Strategic Plan to evaluate and develop a framework to leverage the land use and economic development potential of TOD in the Central Indiana region. This TOD Strategic Plan analyzed regional market dynamics and land use characteristics to assess the potential for transit oriented development.

Federal Transit Administration selection criteria currently place a significant weight on land use and economic development impacts of a proposed transit system. Recent case studies have shown that successful transit infrastructure investment can, and should, be leveraged to yield broader community and economic development benefits.

As part of the evaluation of alternatives along the transit corridors, the TOD Strategic Plan was prepared for the Indianapolis MPO by Greenstreet Ltd. and Anderson + Bohlander LLC, in collaboration with Parsons Brinckerhoff and HNTB. Using the TOD potential developed by Greenstreet, refinement of potential routes and station locations was conducted with the engineering consultants. A regional station area typologies framework was crafted to guide development near stations, which Greenstreet and Anderson + Bohlander have worked to dovetail with the Indy Rezone initiative.